Selasa, 12 Februari 2013

Knees on Chest Sex Position

This position is almost similar to the missionary (man on top position), but the position of her legs lifted and placed on his shoulders, so that her knees touch the chest.
The man can penetrate his knees facing a couple and put the balance weight on the foot.

1. Both partners feeling tight during penetration due to face each other and very intimate.
2. Penetration is very deep, very close physical contact during penetration.
3. Well positioned to stimulate the G-spot.
1. Full mostly held by men and the women's movement is limited.
2. If a man has genital size large, this position will sometimes painful for the woman because of the depth of penetration.
3. Men will put more weight on the pair below. This may be causing discomfort in some people it can cause breathing difficulties.

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