Selasa, 12 Februari 2013

Bum Lift Sex Position

This position is a variation of the missionary position (man on top) and a knee in the chest. In this position, the woman on her back with legs wide open. Men penetration in front of her partner by kneeling and placing one or both hands under your butt (butt) pairs, lifting and tilting the pelvis during his penetration.


1. This position allows for changes to variations in angle and depth of penetration.
2. Allows physical proximity and face-to-face, which makes the relationship more romantic.
3. Allows couples to use their hands and upper body to add movement to penetrate.

1. The women have little control because most moves are done by men.
2. This position requires flexibility foot in both women and men balance and strength to penetrate.
3. This position would not be comfortable if done on a hard surface, such as coarse carpet, tables, floors and more.

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