Sabtu, 13 Oktober 2012

This revocation reason Batavia Air Purchase by AirAsia

Jakarta - The acquisition is a local airline Batavia Air by Malaysia's AirAsia confirmed canceled. What is the reason behind the cancellation of the takeover by the airline Batavia Air neighboring country of origin?

Batavia Air Commercial Director Sukirno Sukarna admitted, tough process occurs when the final assessment by AirAsia to buy Batavia Air. It said the main cause of the cancellation of the purchase of 76.95% stake in Batavia by AirAsia Berhad for U.S. $ 80 million.

"They will do the auditing, auditing may be no agreement," said Sukirno to detikFinance, Saturday (13/10/2012).

However Sukirno dismissed allegations the high prices offered by the Batavia ie U.S. $ 80 million or around Rp 720 billion for the purchase of 76.95% stake in Batavia. "Nah dong, we sell at this hour," he added.

Contacted separately, PresCom Indonesia Air Asia, Pin Haris claimed porses Batavia acquisition by AirAsia went pretty tough. According to him, there has been no final decision related to the acquisition of 76.95% stake in Batavia.

"Next week is no decision," he added to detikFinance.

Information related to the cancellation of the proposed acquisition of Batavia, Harris explained, it would not comment further. "Yet, there is still talk," he concluded.

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