Sabtu, 13 Oktober 2012

Starting a Business : Needs Partner or Not?

Many people get confused when starting a business to decide whether to have a partner or running a business alone. So it necessary that a partner?

Actually in business, people need to have a partner. Partners have an important role because it can bring a positive influence to grow your business.

I'll explain why you should have or seek a partner, because:


Because other companies have a big advantage that we need capital from the partners that have many advantages.


 Because of the skills of other people we can take a bit of knowledge that he controlled.

 Because maybe a lot of partners of partners that we know. He has many partners that are introduced to various acquaintances. Automatically we are much more able to promote what we marketingkan.


 Maybe in the sense here his name so large that it easier to use or to promote is also easier because it is well known


When working together, we can put in place with free or paid after a big gain. So the rent money can be paid later.


Easier and more profitable for us if partnered with people who have a lot more science than we do. Learning from him was also very


Intimate relationship adds to the closeness between partners. Do not let the relationship broke down because there are things that make them shatter. Keep intertwine with each other, and respect each other.

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