Sabtu, 13 Oktober 2012

From a photographer became an entrepreneur notebook

Currently very rapid technological developments such as the presence of tablet computers, smartphones and more. It is not the intention of undermining this man to run a conventional business notebook production with a unique design.
Donni is Arifianto dare leave his old career as a painter and a photographer to jump into the business that has been practiced for more than 1 year.
The idea to create a book called 'Nuwahardo' is terbesit when he attended a seminar which is filled by Ridwan Kamil, an architect famous in Indonesia, which at the time was carrying a small notebook in his hand.
"Now almost all have smartphones, the iPad. Whatever been there. Yet the reality still need conventional media. Time I see Ridwan Kamil carry a notebook. Was getting made me believe that this (book notes) is still needed," he said time to detikFinance on Monday (10.09.12).
With an initial capital of courage, daring and Rp 300 thousand, now he can get a turnover worth USD 9 million / month. This amount is not too big, not too small but also newcomers to the business.
Until now, many people who ordered his men nicknamed this Ido. Starting from ordinary people to public figures, individuals, and companies.
"Thank God, many are ordered. Starting from Antam corporate (Antam) yesterday continued to repeat the message 100 25 pieces again. Public figures also have a message, Kevin Aprilio, writers such as Dewi" Dee "Lestari, Iwan Setiawan, the Indonesian band White Shoes and The Couples Company, much more, "he said.
The uniqueness of notebooks sold Ido is all manufacturing process uses its own hand or handmade, including the binding and gluing, the cutting, except for the engraving and laser. The main material used is paper, and leather as cover.
Booker was allowed to create their own designs and models. For the design, he graduated from Indonesia University of Education Arts relies on previous skills as a painter.
"Idiosyncrasies of the book, the buyer can order by request, models without minimum order. Attractive design but elegant," he said.
Ido set price for 'Nuwahardo' is ranging from USD 150 to 175 thousand per piece, depending on the size adari books ordered. He is targeting the upper middle class as the main target market.
"The target market is middle to high, students and workers. From the age of 20 years and over is," he said.
Not only marketed in Indonesia, planned in late October, this product will also be marketed in Asian countries. He called Manila and Singapore is a country that will be the arrival of the product.
"There are those who want to come to market as well. Insha Allah will dipasarin later in other countries, Singapore and Manila October," he said.
For those of you who are interested to do business with this man for a book or even a reseller or just wondering what menginsiprasinya, you can come to the workshop Nuwahardo Kopo Beautiful Garden Complex in Block E No. 5, Bandung in West Java.

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