Sabtu, 13 Oktober 2012

Business Type Still Promising in Indonesia

Jakarta - Opportunity to start a business in Indonesia is wide open as the growing middle class and the economy. There are several business sectors that have propek promising future. What is it?

Property entrepreneur and 23-year-old youth motivator, Bong Chandra rate, there are some businesses that continue to grow and have good prospects in Indonesia. Bong Chandra explains the real estate business is still promising to be developed in Indonesia.

"Businesses are associated with creativity, property. Yang has developed a creative concept that one example was central park. Due to his large outdoor theme park. Was property," said Bong Chandra at Wealth Expo 2012 show in Senayan City, Jakarta, Friday (10/12/2012).

According to him, the property business in Indonesia has not entered a bubble phase (bubbles) as in the United States. Demand for property in Indonesia is still higher than the supply of available properties.

"It depends on the bank's interest, as long as interest rates remained stable. Demand than supply was still no bubble," he added.

In addition, he said the entertainment business entertainment or who have high creativity is still promising with increasing incomes.

"Entertainment should also be creative," he said,

Finally, she confessed, food and beverage business in this restaurant is still promising. However, he said, the restaurant that targets middle-class income consumers and offers a unique concept that will grow their business.

"Food business is still possible. Login medium segment. Prices are affordable, fast service, and a unique concept," he concluded.

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