Sabtu, 13 Oktober 2012

Becoming Investor or Business Owner?

Whether it's investing in real estate, a business, stocks, or bonds remain "comprehensive business sense" the most important fundamental to being a reliable investor. Some people have this comprehensive sense, but many do not. Mainly due to a highly specialized training schools, not comprehensively trained.
Suggested road, many people choose to investors directly. According to Robert Kiyosaki, "If you have a lot of money and free time, please enter" I "quadrant or investor. But if you do not have much money and time, roads are safer suggested that entry into the "B" or a business owner first. Why?
1. Experience and education
If the first success as a "B", you will get a better chance to develop into an "I" is strong. "I" invest in "B". If you first develop a solid business sense, you will become a better investor. You will be able to better recognize "B" Another nice. A true investor investing in "B" and successful business system stable. It is risky to invest in an "E" (Employee) or "S" (Self-Employee) who does not know the difference between a system with a product or who do not have good leadership skills.
If you have a business that runs well, meaning you have the free time and money to sustain fluctuations kuadrant "I". Often we meet people from kuadrant "ES" whose finances are so limited that they could not bear any financial losses dam. Only one time in their immediate market swings are financially bankrupt because they operate in the "red line". The fact is that investing requires a lot of knowledge and capital. Sometimes it takes a lot of capital and time to acquire knowledge.
Robert Kiyosaki is a suggestion for those who are starting to move to the "B" or "I", start small and slowly. Make larger transactions after the conviction and experience grows.
Once a person gains experience and a good reputation, the longer it takes the less money to create greater investment. Often do not take money to make money. Why? The experience was invaluable.

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