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Bamboo Guitar Made in Bandung

Starting a business requires the foresight to see opportunities because therein lies the business potential that could be developed. This happens in the business of making traditional and modern musical instruments from bamboo raw materials coordinated by Adang Muhidin.
Adang inspired by the high price of bamboo outside the country when he was a student in Germany, then after returning to Indonesia, he decided to develop kerajian from bamboo including musical instruments.
"I was outside, bamboo prices expensive but in Indonesia it is very cheap or worthless. I'm in Europe six years, college S2 in Germany, I see that the price of bamboo OK, back from Germany instead of my work but I raised the art of bamboo, although a job offer but I refused, "said Adang told detikFinance Walk Epicentrum when found in South Jakarta some time ago.
Musical instruments produced by Adang with members of Indonesian Community Bamboo is also diverse and has artistic value and creativity.
"The bass guitar, guitar melody, rhythm guitar, fiddle, violin, harp, bamboo, bamboo percussion," he added.
For the price offered relatively affordable for the size of most musical instruments from bamboo material, namely from Rp 400,000 to Rp 2,000,000. In addition, the cost of production was relatively affordable because the raw materials obtained easily.
"To make bamboo violin production costs only Rp 50 thousand, but it can be sold Rp 400 thousand," he added.
Buyers musical instrument made from bamboo is also more coming from abroad such as France and Japan. Although many orders yet, he explained that currently still have limitations due to lack of artisans and musical instrument makers of machine tools.
"We're still short of crafter's why we provide training. So we taught it to everyone. We have a lot of orders, but only one person working.Initiators, abah Yudi Grace, he is the founder of bamboo musical instruments, after making our bamboo violin guitar but discussions continue for the beginning of the violin, "he said.
The work done by the joint Indonesian Bamboo Community Adang not stop the manufacture of musical instruments. However Adang also appeared in musicals such as Java Jazz with his trademark instrument.
"I've played at Java Jazz, I took from the street children. We only recruit people who drop out of school and we latif in Bandung," he continued.
On that occasion, Adang has a dream to make a piano-based also out of bamboo. "If there is support future we want to create a bamboo piano. Piano was later made of bamboo. Piano if the initial capital to Rp 40 million," he concluded.
Are you interested in buying a musical instrument from bamboo or just want to learn to play the music of bamboo. You can come to:
Bamboo Indonesian Community
Lotus Valley Housing Block No. F2. 3 West Bandung regency, West Java

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