Sabtu, 22 September 2012

Toshiba C800D, Entry-Level Notebook with Radeon Graphics

AMD Indonesia increasingly heavily promoting mobile processor products. One of the new products that use artificial processor manufacturer is Toshiba which brings APU (Accelerated Processing Unit, the name for a processor that combines AMD CPUs with graphics processor core) E1-1200 in an entry-level notebook Satellite C800D.

Priced at around Rp 3.7 million (without OS) is called the Toshiba distributor PT Techking Enterprises Indonesia as one of the products which contribute greatly to the Toshiba notebook sales volume.

"From July to August, Satellite C800D accounted for 20 percent of laptop sales. Fact we have 32 SKUs (type) notebook and this is just one of them," said Gunawan Nugroho, President Director of PT Techking Enterprises of Indonesia in Jakarta, Thursday (6/8 / 2012) yesterday.
Satellite C800D is the only Toshiba notebooks with AMD processors distributed by Techking.

He added, Techking laptop AMD will increase contribution to sales by 30 percent by the end of this year, without specifying a targeted rate.

AMD has increased its share in the notebook market in Indonesia. Data from GfK research institute said that from January to June 2012, sales of notebooks with AMD processors rose from 16.1 percent to 21.6 percent of total notebook sales in Indonesia

According to AMD Indonesia Country Head Hermawan Sutanto, compared to its competitors, AMD mobile processors offer advantages in terms of graphics processors that are embedded in it. "Using the Radeon chip architecture that has twice won awards at Computex exhibition and also used in the Xbox 360 console and the Nintendo Wii," he said.

Satellite C800D notebook itself is powered entry-level 2GB RAM, Radeon HD 7310 graphics processor and 320 GB hard disk. According to the Marketing Communications Manager of PT Toshiba Visual Media Network Indonesia Devi Yosita, these products target market segments novice users and young people, including students. "The price is affordable but does not sacrifice features," he said.

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