Senin, 17 September 2012

Review and Get Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Now !!!

Development of a capacitive touch screen as nullify the need for a stylus. No longer need hearing aids, interaction with the gadget can be done instantly with the touch of a hand.

But any kind of a hand turns can not replace the role of a pen to a particular need, especially for image-related needs such as graphic design drawing, remixing, scribble ideas even for the purpose of working as a signature.

Samsung is also looking at opportunities of the above problems, namely to create a touch screen plus stylus tablet that allows you in the world of picture-drawing.

Samsung Galaxy Note is different from the present 10.1've done other vendors. S Pen, call for this stylus can create a lot of creativity and productivity to support your career.

Unrivalled Productivity
- Multiscreen To Perform Multiple Events at Once
With this feature, allowing you to open and use applications that are interconnected to obtain the best results. Unlimited use of multiscreen can be used to open the application's Note, Web Browser, Video Player, Email, Gallery, and Polaris Office with ease on the same screen.

- Pop Up Play
Now you can watch the video along with checking email or sending short messages via SMS. Use your fingers when trying to increase or decrease the size of the video display as you wish.

The best solution to create
S Pen versatile precision lets you get a premium experience for note taking, sketching, drawing, and other forms of creative expression of others. This technology has the support of Formula Shape Match and Match. Creating posts or pictures quickly and efficiently supported by Shape Match that will improve the image circle, triangle, and diagrams into perfect digital form. Match Formula will improve writing and math equations numerically according to digital standards so as to provide a better tally.

Not only that, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 will spoil you with Adobe Photoshop Touch presence that allows Google to search for images, combining multiple images at once, add text, and visual effects, with the end result that can be published to your Facebook account.

Fast growing and Tough
Supported processor 1.4 GHz Quad Core strength allows the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 for multitasking activities without limit, open web pages, watch video streaming. Graphics technology enriched 1080p Full HD Playback promises a dazzling picture display. In addition, the Video Maker application allows you to create high quality video.

Do Many Things The New Way! No wonder if this name matches attached to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. You can do various things to support productivity and creativity with the latest technology in this Note. Visit to explore more about Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Or get the latest info of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

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