Jumat, 14 September 2012

GO DADDY "under attack"

Go Daddy, one of the largest Internet hosting company in the world, on Monday, the service is rumored problematic.

A hacker (hacker) allegedly responsible for making the service site and e-mail account users experiencing problems.

Quoted from Reuters, is not yet known how many consumers were affected by the incident. For information, Go Daddy has millions of subscribers from all over the world who entrust it to a website hosting company.

Site of the company based in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, is not accessible on Monday (09/10/2012) afternoon local time. "Hi all. We realize there are some people who experience problems with our site. We're working," said Go Daddy via his official Twitter account.

Unfortunately, Go Daddy does not explain the cause of the damage to their service. Employees of the company could not be contacted.

A few moments later, the company served many SMEs are again gave a statement via his Twitter account: "Some services have returned. Remain with us".

A hacker by the name "Anonymous Own3r", via his personal Twitter account, claiming responsibility for the case. He claimed to work by himself, not as a group.

Go Daddy describes itself as the largest web hosting company in the world and is also a top provider of domain names.

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