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Flexible Cloud Hosting

Cutting-edge cloud servers that are incredibly flexible, secure and easy to use.
Go Daddy Cloud Servers takes the guesswork out of building a secure and flexible cloud hosting environment. Instant servers that you can grow, free load balancer and firewall, snapshot backups — all just a few clicks away. Experience an easier, more affordable way to put the power of cloud servers to work for you — and avoid the complexity of Amazon® or the limitations of Rackspace®. Interested? See the technical details.

Click here to order Flexible Cloude Hosting
Flexible Cloud Hosting from GoDaddy.com, starting at $.05 per hour!

Easy-to-use control panel with quick dashboard view
Up to the hour usage information
One-Click snapshot backups are stored in multiple physical sites
Fast and easy templates for your servers
Point-and-click server deployment
Firewall and Load Balancing capabilities – ready to use
1 private network and 3 public IP addresses
Fast, configurable, redundant
Compute API functionality helps you launch, manage, and control your server environment.

What is cloud computing?

The best way to describe cloud servers is to say what they aren't. With a traditional dedicated server, the space available to you is limited by a physical piece of equipment. Run out of server space and you have to buy another one. Cloud servers pool the bandwidth, storage space, and CPU power of many, many servers so you always have enough power, no matter what applications you're running or how many people are on your system. Think of it like electricity - always there, whether you need a little or a lot. And just like electricity, you only pay for what you use.

Why do I need cloud services?

Not only are cloud servers quicker to set up than traditional servers, they're easier to manage, require less maintenance, and adjust to meet your changing needs. And because the cost is spread over a huge pool of users, cloud servers often cost less than traditional servers.

What's different about Go Daddy Cloud Servers?

For one thing, our cloud computing servers are scalable, meaning you can add or subtract servers easily. And the control panel was specifically designed to be used by average people, not just IT professionals. You can equip your cloud server with a variety of operating systems and software stacks, including Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu, and Fedora) and Windows. And unlike other cloud computing providers, Go Daddy won't add hidden fees or charges at the end of the month. You can pay as you go or save by pre-paying if you like.

Integrate cloud computing into your business - with Cloud Servers from GoDaddy.com.
Click here to order Flexible Cloude Hosting
Flexible Cloud Hosting from GoDaddy.com, starting at $.05 per hour!

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