Selasa, 24 Juni 2014

Greek spot-kick drama denies Ivorians

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Incredible drama unfolded in Fortaleza when Georgios Samaras converted a stoppage-time penalty to secure Greece a 2-1 victory over Côte d'Ivoire to set up a Round of 16 clash against Costa Rica at the FIFA World Cup™.
A truly topsy-turvy encounter appeared to be finishing in the African challengers’ favour until they conceded a crucial spot-kick in the closing seconds, providing their opponents with a chance to progress and maintaining their frustrating record of not qualifying from a group stage at the tournament.
Côte d'Ivoire duo Kolo and Yaya Toure were both named in the starting XI just days after the tragic passing of their brother, Ibrahim. Didier Drogba, meanwhile, was included from kick-off for the first time in the competition. From the opposition dugout, Fernando Santos opted for three changes in a must-win encounter.

Godin delights Uruguay, sends Italy home

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A fortunate conversion from Diego Godin proved golden for Uruguay as they booked a spot in the FIFA World Cup™ Round of 16 with a late 1-0 victory over ten-man Italy in Natal.
The Atletico Madrid defender rose highest from a corner with nine minutes remaining on the clock to complete a remarkable turnaround for his country, who had been beaten in their opening fixture of the tournament but now progress to a meeting with the winners of Group C.
Italy held the safety net of knowing that a draw would be enough to reach the knockout stages but the Europeans nevertheless probed with regularity in the opening exchanges. The anxiety of La Celeste to register an early impact, meanwhile, led to the concession of numerous free-kicks – one of which Andrea Pirlo punted with power straight at goal to worry Fernando Muslera into diverting over.
The four-time world champions’ total control of the ball – more than 60 per cent possession during the first 20 minutes – ensured that chances were hugely limited for Uruguay. When Edinson Cavani did attempt to flick dangerously at the near post from Alvaro Pereira’s rolling delivery into the area, the Paris Saint-Germain goal-getter fired off-target under pressure.

Rabu, 13 Februari 2013

Reverse Cowgirl

Sexual intercourse with a reverse cowgirl position is almost similar to the woman on top, it's just that the woman is in control facing backwards, towards the foot and not his face.

1. Women are more free to move his body so that it can receive effective stimulation of the penis rubbing against the clitoris or G spot.

Posisi Reverse Cowgirl

Hubungan seksual dengan posisi reverse cowgirl hampir mirip dengan woman on top, hanya saja si wanita yang memegang kendali menghadap ke belakang, ke arah kaki bukan wajah pria.

1. Wanita lebih bebas menggerakkan tubuhnya sehingga dapat menerima rangsangan yang efektif dari gesekan penis terhadap klitoris atau G spot.

Selasa, 12 Februari 2013

Knees on Chest Sex Position

This position is almost similar to the missionary (man on top position), but the position of her legs lifted and placed on his shoulders, so that her knees touch the chest.
The man can penetrate his knees facing a couple and put the balance weight on the foot.

Posisi Lutut di Dada

Posisi ini hampir mirip dengan missionary (posisi pria di atas), tetapi posisi kaki wanita diangkat dan diletakkan di atas bahu pria, sehingga lututnya menyentuh dada.

Si pria bisa melakukan penetrasi sambil berlutut menghadapi pasangan dan menempatkan keseimbangan berat badan pada kaki.

Bum Lift Sex Position

This position is a variation of the missionary position (man on top) and a knee in the chest. In this position, the woman on her back with legs wide open. Men penetration in front of her partner by kneeling and placing one or both hands under your butt (butt) pairs, lifting and tilting the pelvis during his penetration.